Cartems Donuterie – Vancouver

Cartems Donuterie – Vancouver

This morning we ventured down a new Vancouver street, on our quest to find an Earl Grey donut. Denise loves everything Early Grey from tea to cookies to ice cream. So, when we heard Cartems Donuterie has Early Grey donuts we were all about giving it a try.

The place itself is very tidy and I loved the wooden tables and stump stools. It was a very airy and inviting nook on what seemed to be a busy street. The staff were super-duper friendly. After ordering a couple donuts and a cappuccino, I was immediately asked where I was visiting from. I’m sure my southern accent gave me away quicker than a 3 year-old tattle-tale. Anyhow, I smiled and said, “Yes ma’am, I’m from North Carolina.”. She replied, “I hear our friends have some trouble down there with that new law, eh. Just plain ridiculous, yeah?”. Bless her heart, I wanted to reach over that counter and hug her. She was so polished on what was happening in NC. We exchanged a few more bits of info about the recent events surrounding that law. It was just really refreshing to talk about it with a random Canadian in a donut shop.

Let me just say that in the Raleigh/Durham area we have some great donut shops, but nothing can top the Early Grey donut I had this morning. It was topped with a regular glaze and sprinkled with lavender. It was divine! The raspberry and white chocolate mousse donut was super tasty as well, but all I really wanted was another Earl Grey donut. I also savored every sip of my cappuccino. Together they gave me enough pep in my step to get through the beautiful day here in Vancouver.

My only regret was not bringing my laptop with me, as I could have sat there all day doing work, drinking coffee, and eyeing those Early Grey donuts. If you are ever in Vancouver venture over to Cartems Donuterie to treat yourself to something special.




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