Hi! I’m Heather…

Over the years, I’ve found that we are all connected by our taste buds. Food brings us all together because it’s so easy to talk about. Things we’ve made, things we’ve eaten. Friendships are made over meals and bonds are sealed. There are three things that fuel my fire in life – family, friends, and food. I’d like to bring you all into my “framily” through sharing in the greatness of the food I enjoy and dishes I make.

Here’s what you can expect with this blog…in the Made It section I’ll post photos and recipes of dishes I’ve made. Many of the dishes I make are completely my own creations, while others originate from a recipe, but with my added flair. I may change a only a couple of things, or five things about a recipe, but the end result is what I make. Even more important than the food, with each post, you’ll be able to read my stories that surround making these dishes. Within the Ate It section I’ll be posting photos along with my experiences and thoughts on the restaurants and their dishes.

Happiness is homemade and my own happiness often stems from making deliciousness. That’s what this blog is intended to share with you – delicious happiness. I pour tons of love into what I cook because making great food for the awesome people in my life is truly a source of organic giddiness. I want them to love the food I make as much as I enjoy making it and as much as I enjoy them.

I Run This Kitch offers me an outlet to share my love of food – both cooking and eating! I truly have a love for the culture that surrounds food in different pockets of the world. There’s something so energizing about traveling and trying new restaurants and dishes for the first time. Each new adventure offers a chance to embrace culture and diversity through food. Additionally, there’s something comforting about going to my favorite restaurants. It’s like a sensory memory gets relived with each bite of something familiar.

As for me personally, I’m a product of a good ole Southern family of women who love to cook. To this day I can still remember the aroma and tastes of my Grandma’s green beans cooking on the stove, my mom’s fried chicken that has a flavorful crunch, my Aunt Cynthia’s pound cake that would melt in your mouth, my sister Hope’s cheesy broccoli casserole, my sister Helen’s sweet southern pecan pie, and my sister Carol’s sweet pickles. As a family we have the best times around the table, in the kitchen, or at a cookout. I’ve appreciated the foods I grew up on, but I really enjoy expanding my horizons on the variety of cuisines out there just waiting to be discovered. Tasting something new for the first time is one of those moments that we remember because of the experience. So share these experiences with me. – I Run This Kitch

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