Let’s Do This!

Let’s Do This!

Sometimes in life when you’re handed lemons, you’ve gotta use them to make lemonade, lemon curd, lemon vinaigrette, and so on. I started 2020 with just getting laid off from my day job; I turned 40, I kept busy by applying for jobs, cooking, creating a nursery and toddler room. We had our second child in early March and then COVID-19 hit us like a wrecking ball. Life changed, I was forced to slow down and reinvent myself as a stay-at-home mom for a few months. Things that were important 6-12 months ago aren’t anymore and I’m okay with that. Though one thing that’s remained for me: always find that silver lining and enjoy life no matter what.

My spark for creating great food is still there. While my quest for a day job continues, I thought I’d do something that I enjoy in the meantime! Starting very soon I’ll be bringing fully prepared IRTK Meals to you (well, those of you in the Triangle area and Roxboro). Just reheat and eat, y’all!

That’s right…you’ll be able to enjoy some of my home-cooked meals. Each week I’ll drop a new menu that offers variety, great flavor, and a healthier than other take-out options. As with most things, I’ve got to start somewhere, so to start I’ll only have 10 orders available each week. Each order will consist of 3 generously proportioned single serving meals and 1 large breakfast item that can be shared for $35. These meals are perfect for lunch or dinner; for new moms, family members, and for those who are just tired of cooking.

The goal is to do a menu drop on Sunday/Monday. You’ll then have a few days to marinate, drool, and place your order by Thursdays at 12pm. Your meals will be available for pick-up Tuesdays from 5pm-6pm or Wednesdays from 10am-1pm. Delivery of meals is available for a fee ($5 Durham/Raleigh, $10 Roxboro). It’s completely first-come-first-serve (remember, only 10 orders available). I’ll be doing updates on social media to keep you posted as to how many orders are left.

Again, the cost is $35 per person with payment via Venmo (@heather-satterfield) or Cash App ($hsatterfield125). All orders should be placed via email (irunthiskitch@gmail.com) or private message via IRTK Facebook or Instagram by Thursdays at 12pm. When you place an order on Thursday, it is for pick-up/delivery the following week. This allows IRTK sufficient time to gather ingredients, prep, and create these special dishes.

Once your order is placed you’ll receive a confirmation from us, along with a payment details, and pick-up/delivery details. Due to COVID-19, we will work with you to make it as safe and contactless as possible.

I’m super excited about starting this adventure! I really appreciate your support and hope that you’ll place an order for some delicious meals. As things move forward I may make some adjustments here and there to improve the process. Please reach out to me with any questions! Stay tuned for a menu drop VERY soon, then email or PM me your order and we will go from there.

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